How To Activate a Fog Horn With a Marine Radio

Published: 17th February 2011
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There is nothing much more frightening than being caught on the open water, and unexpectedly being caught in dense fog. The fog appears to magnify sounds eerily. Running aground is a extremely real danger. Or even worse a full out collision between boats. Several people have been in serious collisions when being caught out on the water in a fog. It is a really real hazard.

Most of them are automated, in that they are supposed to go off in the presence of fog automatically. Nevertheless, there are various issues with these automated fog horns. Being exposed to the elements corrodes quite a few of the electrical contacts causing them to go off, either not at all, or when they are not supposed to. Spider webs can block sensors causing the horn fail when needed most. And battery life can diminish the effectiveness of these beneficial instruments. Also, locals who live near the coast usually complain that the fog horns go off even when there are no boats on the water that will need them, causing unnecessary noise pollution.

A number of fog horns have been upgraded with automated fog horns. This will activate the fog horns within range of your marine radio.

Next to your life-preserver your marine radio is the most essential piece of equipment that you can carry on your boat. So when you go out there generally make positive that your marine radio has its batteries charged, and that your marine radio is working correctly. Nothing is worse than being caught in an emergency, and your useful survival equipment like your trusty marine radio not working properly. Although, it may appear redundant it is crucial to do a safety and safety equipment check and a marine radio check prior to you leave the dock.

Several inexperienced boaters have been tempted to save costs by not purchasing a marine radio, and utilizing their cell phone's instead. There is a serious dilemma with not making use of a marine radio. Initial, a cell phone's batteries will not last as long as the sturdy battery of a marine radio. Also, on the open sea cell phone reception is typically poor, whilst a marine radio broadcasts its own signal making it a lot a lot more efficient. The marine radio is a definite have to in a boaters bag of survival tricks. And with the coast guards planned up grade of automatic fog horns triggered by marine radio, it has turn out to be even that much more vital.
The advent of the commercialized marine radio has revolutionized the way folks boat, and the marine radio is constantly being utilized in new and innovative methods. A marine radio can be utilized to hear weather broadcasts when other techniques fail. In short, their are a selection of approaches that a marine radio can come in handy when enjoying the a variety of waterways of the world. The United States is leading the way in which the marine radio is once once more transforming the way we appreciate and stay secure on the water. Contact your local branch of the coast guard to see if they have upgraded their fog horns to the automatic fog horns that are activated by a standard marine radio. So the next time you plan your next boating adventure don't forget to bring your marine radio along!

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